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On my grind, and doing something with my life. What the fuck are YOU doing? :)

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This was suppose to be a comment on his recent post, but Cajete changed his comment settings. Bitch.

It's amazing how internet beef start. It shows how stupid people really are. A person talks shit, then the other gets all fucking heated and responds. It's easy to talk shit behind a keyboard. If you really wanna settle this, then get the person's address and then do whatever. But this...this is pretty much like the childish shit I ever seen, and yall n***as took it to a whole new low. And on top of that, yall doing this shit on a kiddie ass website. Illiteracy is all im seeing and hearing. I guess this is what y'all do on y'all spare time.

This will be my last comment, or comments depending on how far you want to take it with me alberto. I'mma be completely honest about everything I typed so I could give a fuck less if I hurted your feelings. Look n***a, you're fucking 20 yrs old and still on this site. This site is completely old news now man. I feel like this is the ONLY site your ass can get recognition and praise becuase most of the people on here are lame ass n***as. I thought I emphasized this long ago. You dont hear about NG on BET, VH1, MTV and so on so whats the point of it. Answer this question for me: Why the fuck are you still on this site bruh? Are you afraid that if you were anywhere else, i.e... tightbeatz, rocbattle, beatshop, you, yourself know that you would NOT get any praise on there? Or because you KNOW that your ass will get dropped like a bad habit from real producers that wouldnt understand your unstructured style? Real producers like Karbon, DJ Imfamous, Graffikul, Reven and more moved the fuck on. You know this, I know this. NG is a dead ass site.

Then you got the audacity to hack Reven's NG account. N***a... you a fucking immature ass child. Only pussies and nerds do shit like that. You a lame, straight up dawg. This is what you do for a living. Its so fucking funny cuz when luis gave you his address to his house, you folded bruh. You're scare to come to this n***as house. You just a wannabe gangsta who starts internet beef just to get some attention. You get a bitch fit every 6 months and try to get this kiddie site all hyped up. Its a cycle bruh, a tiresome cycle. It doesnt even phase us no more. Go ahead, continue on with your cycle. I, personally feel that N.D.E as a whole should look down and brush off people like you. We on our grind to get N.D.E into the game and bring real music. I dont give a damn if you try to "expose" me and/ or diss me, you nothing but a cockroach, and every time you be in my way, I'll step on your bitch ass with ease and continue on with my life. See how easy that shit was. You nothing to me bruh! Im getting ready to go to the military, the United States Marines Corps, get my paper, all my equipment, get my family situated, and be with my lady. Pretty much, live a good ass life n***a. Avoiding the hard struggles for me and my kids sake.

Im not dissin everyone in R.O.F, cuz I dont know them like that, but I will say that there are SOME stupid ass people in your group, and thats a fact. I tried my best not to say anything, but you crossed it with me. Alberto, continue on being a internet gangbangin bitch made cuban. Keep pistol whippin people with the space bar and slaughtering people with your enter key. You know im stating facts and being real with my shit. I guess im "exposing" you lol. Then again, im probably not cuz my n***as big graff and reven did that in thier Game Over diss to you. Slaughtered your ass on everything. You dont compare to none of us bruh when it comes to beats, lyrics, and being a real as n***a dawg. You dont understand the intense struggles we been through. Bitch made n***as hide behind keyboards. Oh and keep callin yourself "The Definition....cause to N.D.E and many others....

~You're The Definition of a Bitch Made N***a, And You Can Fucking Have It!~

Oh yeah one last thing....I find it funny as hell how you call me Lil Cake Productions, considering the fact that me and hundreds of other people calling you a pussy. And as they said....if you walk like a pussy and talk like a pussy....then you are.... you'll figure it out. :)

Go ahead. Diss me, photoshop my pictures, hack any of my shit. Im waiting on your old ass cycle.
-Lil Saynt Productions
New Definition Entertainment Bitch!