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A Shot To Cajete

2009-02-28 17:23:54 by Lil-Saynt

This was suppose to be a comment on his recent post, but Cajete changed his comment settings. Bitch.

It's amazing how internet beef start. It shows how stupid people really are. A person talks shit, then the other gets all fucking heated and responds. It's easy to talk shit behind a keyboard. If you really wanna settle this, then get the person's address and then do whatever. But this...this is pretty much like the childish shit I ever seen, and yall n***as took it to a whole new low. And on top of that, yall doing this shit on a kiddie ass website. Illiteracy is all im seeing and hearing. I guess this is what y'all do on y'all spare time.

This will be my last comment, or comments depending on how far you want to take it with me alberto. I'mma be completely honest about everything I typed so I could give a fuck less if I hurted your feelings. Look n***a, you're fucking 20 yrs old and still on this site. This site is completely old news now man. I feel like this is the ONLY site your ass can get recognition and praise becuase most of the people on here are lame ass n***as. I thought I emphasized this long ago. You dont hear about NG on BET, VH1, MTV and so on so whats the point of it. Answer this question for me: Why the fuck are you still on this site bruh? Are you afraid that if you were anywhere else, i.e... tightbeatz, rocbattle, beatshop, you, yourself know that you would NOT get any praise on there? Or because you KNOW that your ass will get dropped like a bad habit from real producers that wouldnt understand your unstructured style? Real producers like Karbon, DJ Imfamous, Graffikul, Reven and more moved the fuck on. You know this, I know this. NG is a dead ass site.

Then you got the audacity to hack Reven's NG account. N***a... you a fucking immature ass child. Only pussies and nerds do shit like that. You a lame, straight up dawg. This is what you do for a living. Its so fucking funny cuz when luis gave you his address to his house, you folded bruh. You're scare to come to this n***as house. You just a wannabe gangsta who starts internet beef just to get some attention. You get a bitch fit every 6 months and try to get this kiddie site all hyped up. Its a cycle bruh, a tiresome cycle. It doesnt even phase us no more. Go ahead, continue on with your cycle. I, personally feel that N.D.E as a whole should look down and brush off people like you. We on our grind to get N.D.E into the game and bring real music. I dont give a damn if you try to "expose" me and/ or diss me, you nothing but a cockroach, and every time you be in my way, I'll step on your bitch ass with ease and continue on with my life. See how easy that shit was. You nothing to me bruh! Im getting ready to go to the military, the United States Marines Corps, get my paper, all my equipment, get my family situated, and be with my lady. Pretty much, live a good ass life n***a. Avoiding the hard struggles for me and my kids sake.

Im not dissin everyone in R.O.F, cuz I dont know them like that, but I will say that there are SOME stupid ass people in your group, and thats a fact. I tried my best not to say anything, but you crossed it with me. Alberto, continue on being a internet gangbangin bitch made cuban. Keep pistol whippin people with the space bar and slaughtering people with your enter key. You know im stating facts and being real with my shit. I guess im "exposing" you lol. Then again, im probably not cuz my n***as big graff and reven did that in thier Game Over diss to you. Slaughtered your ass on everything. You dont compare to none of us bruh when it comes to beats, lyrics, and being a real as n***a dawg. You dont understand the intense struggles we been through. Bitch made n***as hide behind keyboards. Oh and keep callin yourself "The Definition....cause to N.D.E and many others....

~You're The Definition of a Bitch Made N***a, And You Can Fucking Have It!~

Oh yeah one last thing....I find it funny as hell how you call me Lil Cake Productions, considering the fact that me and hundreds of other people calling you a pussy. And as they said....if you walk like a pussy and talk like a pussy....then you are.... you'll figure it out. :)

Go ahead. Diss me, photoshop my pictures, hack any of my shit. Im waiting on your old ass cycle.
-Lil Saynt Productions
New Definition Entertainment Bitch!


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2009-02-28 18:57:09

UR 1st comment ever...congrats,U get nothing

Lil-Saynt responds:

I dont even know you man, but this isnt my first post. I always posted blogs but i took em down. Im not even gonna disrespect you. I have no beef with you.

Be easy man



2009-02-28 22:33:44

Where's Reven?

Lil-Saynt responds:

Why you wanna know where he is? All you need to know is that he's on his grind.


2009-03-01 05:43:05

saynt always speaks tha truth, hes just put it as it is, cajete is a bitch, keep NG, shove it up ya ass haha

N.D.E comin with the real music, u eitha roll with us or get rolled on, cajete or enione else aint fuckin with us

Lil-Saynt responds:

lol 187 you know what the business is! I aint even got to explain it to you. You know what we put up with this nigga.

Im done with that internet gangsta!

N.D.E Bitch!!!!!!!!!! :)


2009-03-01 06:05:16

You bunch of fucking hypocrites... Look at you, you talk shout bout NG but you still on here typing up blogs and talking shit to. Get out my face with that hypocrisy.

(Updated ) Lil-Saynt responds:

lol alberto...alberto.... i know alot of shit about your bitch ass. i find it funny as fuck how you didnt try to get on the defensive about my blog, or try to correct me, so that goes to show that im pretty much right about everyhing.

Face it're a pussy eating bitchmade nigga. And the reason why I posted this on NG is because i know that this is only site your pussy ass be on and can get praise! And dont worry about Reven. I spoke to him yesterday and he told me some shit about you that surprised the hell outta me lol. I know more about you than you think nigga!

I Speak Truth While You Speak That Bullshit! Get The Fuck Outta Here, Grow The Fuck Up, And Be A Man!



2009-03-01 13:10:24

My god you fucking moron... Listen to me Lil-Cake, stop fighting Reven's battles and let that pussy talk for him self... my fucking god... this goes farther then you will ever understand, this is between me and that n***a what place do you have in this?

I didn't bother correcting you because in order to do that I have to write a fucking long essay and I'm honestly tired of fucking typing.... you fucking moronic piece of shit, i can care less what you know about me, and the lies that n***a luis spreads.... you can take what you know about me turn it 180 and put it REAL far up your ass.

n***a trust me, im not a thug im not a gangsta but i aint a pussy.

5229 SW 43 TERRACE

If any one wants to make a little internet website beef a real life threatening situation then pay a visit....... my fucking god... im so tired of typing....


I know your reading this u pussy. SPEAK THE THE FUCK UP... YOU HAD ALOT TO SAY LAST TIME.

god damn you persistent little fucking flies....

Lil-Saynt responds:

LOL wowwwwww alberto. You talk true shit, but in reality, you know everyting I typed was true. Why do we always go through this shit with you It's cycle bruh. NDE is getting tired of you bitch fittin every 6 months. I said what I said. Like I said, I know alot of shit of you. Knowing my ass, I would seriously pay ya ass a visit and beat ya fucking skull in bruh. G Shit, but I got more important things to than to whoop a nigga whose voice is higher than mickey mouse and your girlfriend or fucking X girlfriend Marissa combined. I know alot of niggas that would beat ya ass, so dont ever cross me. You dont know me and what the fuck I've been through. First of all, STOP BEING A FUCKING VICTIM!!!!!!!!! YOU ALWAYS DO THIS SHIT BRUH!!!!!!!! Now that I think about it bruh, you hide behind NG. I dont see you nowhere else. I'm so tempted to give you my address bruh, but im thinking about my family nigga.

You A Bitch Alberto and you will always be. Keep this kiddie site. I got everything off my chest against you. Stop putting this hard ass front for niggas on NG because we all know that you're a soft ass bitch!


2009-03-01 15:38:55

n***a im done arguing with you...
so fuck you and your group and if u wanna pop off theres my crib n***a... i know n***as that know n***as.

if shit so important pop off. ~1~

Lil-Saynt responds: just dont get it alberto!



2009-03-01 15:58:25

albert sounds a lil wound up n out of fake shit to say

mabey marissa bust his lip open again lmao

Lil-Saynt responds:

lmao yeah maybe. That nigga dont understand what we do bruh. He been with that fake shit bruh. We both know us 187. How many times me you and luis dealt with him? Nigga I lost count. Its a fucking cycle. He PMSin every 6 months. Its old and im tired of it


2009-03-01 17:25:42

let but lets talk about how your self proclaimed boss u defending got robbed and bitched slapped for a laptop.... lmfao xD


Where Reven at??????? LOL

GHOST TOWN.... what a pussy...

aye i gotta give u n***as credit..... coming to his aid like that.... but its making you look weak casper.

Lil-Saynt responds:

First off, im not defending Luis. Look... luis aint studdin ya ass bruh. He ask y'all for your address, and what you do? Gave him back his myspace password LMAO. What a joke bruh. Im the one that has issues with you nigga. You keep saying that im defending him. can take care of his own damn self. You dont seem to understand what you're doing alberto. You making yourself look like a stupid fuck right now boy. You're running out of shit to say because I literally put chu on front street.

Oh yeah alberto stop tryin to expose luis with old shit. Shit getting so fucking old right now man. Get ya facts straight you pussy. You the one that got bitch slap by a fucking girl named marissa......LMFAOOOO!!!!!!! What a fucking joke man.

Im done with you!


2009-03-01 19:12:17

you a dumb fuck he never sent asked me for no address... good thing i saved the mail, ima go screen shot it later and make a video... oh and btw, i gave him is account becuz i actually felt sympathetic towards him.... shame on me.... that pathetic fuck. but now we got it again and he dont deserve it. xD hahaha sooooo fuuuuckkk u.

(Updated ) Lil-Saynt responds:

lol ok you fucking internet gangsta. Whatever you say.



2009-03-02 18:44:49

me comin in is makin ME look weak?

i guess gettin tha smackdown from a bitch makes u a man over in "real over fake" lmao

wat a bunch of faggots

(Updated ) Lil-Saynt responds:

Cajete putting up this hard ass front for NG martyn. Im done with him. He's not on my level.

But we both know what the fuck happened lmao :)


2009-03-02 21:19:49

lol i didn't get a "smack down"... lol do you guys sit down and make this shit up??? that never happened you ignorant idiot.... lol
damn my n***a ur slow.


2009-03-04 08:43:39

LMAO!! this is hilarious!! 187 and u lil saynt are fuckin hilarious, sounds soo funny cause it seems cajete cant stand hearing the truth about his girl slappin him up, shit is soo funny! fuck yall real over fake bitches, aint none of yall got enough talent to go anywhere but NG tryin to spread lyin ass shit that no one even cares about, only a couple bitch ass n***as responded to that lil Luis shit, that means only 10 ppl on ng fuckin care, which is fuckin sad that Cajete and the rest of dem bitches are tryin soo hard..... tisk tisk tisk, its a damn shame.....

Lil-Saynt responds: and 187 are a fool lol. Im just speaking the truth man. Cajete aint shit. He's so fucking sensitive that he had to drop a new track dissin NDE for NG. Exactly what I said on my post and comments. I knew this shit was fixing to happen lol. This shit dont phase me man. He's going thru his cycle once again. Ask you say....tisk tisk tisk, its a damn shame..... lmao. Im done with this pussy talking faggot man. He just dont understand my nigga.

I just wanted to get this off my chest because he dissed luis awhile ago and I stay humble and confronted him about. He told me that he was sorry lol. Yeah, alberto I still got the PM. Now he's dissed my nigga Graffikul and I snapped. So I had good reasons why I did what I did. Me, luis, and 187 can tell you a LONG ass story about how we putted up with this nigga throughout the years man.


2009-03-05 22:34:43

yo faggot, wus good wit that pretty little sunset on ur blog little choir boy. lol dont make set rof n***as to run u off NG mr. dj. hahaha


2009-03-14 16:47:26

lol damn yo real talk real shit. this is a kiddy ass website and people clam their the king of ng. man get real. go live a a real life i have better things to do with my time than to waste on here where haters like to try to expose people with no proof but o well it is what it is.

i got way bigger and better things happing for me. way bigger than ng you could not even imangin what is going on for me and my boy's lookin out for me real big and i mean big me and him are doin real shit real big things so big that i can quit work and do this for a living.

but stay up saynt.


2009-05-03 02:33:07

Alberto Cajete is a bitch made n***a. He get's 0 respect in florida. I got people down here in miami calling this wanna be a pussy.

"If you really wanna settle this, then get the person's address and then do whatever. "

And yea saynt, I've tried to settle it on many occasions with cajete. When I first contacted him with NuNu swagger about going to his crib and givin' him the fade, he gave me his address and said if i show up he'll call the police, so i stopped fucking with him.. then a month or 2 later, he comes back demanding for my address saying he's gonna come down and drag me by my hair (i love the threats).. I was kinda happy when I heard that cuz Ive been waiting a long time to fuck that pussy up. so I gave him the destination on where to meet me up at.. I told litterally everybody and they mama in miami bout the fade and saying how he claimed he was gonna come down and gimmie that fade (cuz everybody down here is familiar with the watch yea lips diss track) and outta nowhere.... he says he's not gonna waste his time showing up and that the beef is boring. (My question to him is.. if the beef was so boring.. why spark it up in the first place if u aint gonna do shit?) now EVERYBODY is calling him a pussy. I love it